Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The State Department has announced that the United States now has ratified the Hague Convention. The NCFA is still bemoaning adoptees getting their original birth certificates. Any person who has actually done their research into adoption knows that this group is not a reliable source for information. Sadly though the general public still believes the hype.

The natural mother's right to privacy is often the reason that these folks claim. Why is it then that the adoption is sealed upon finalization and not at relinquishment? Shouldn't it be at relinquishment? In fact, there has never been a document proving this privacy EVER in two court cases that went up against these laws.

The right to privacy is the right to be free from governmental intrusion. This has been illustrated in the Roe vs. Wade case. The government has no business governing our personal lives, relationships, and such. It was the same battle over birth control.

Another argument against allowing adoptees access to their own birth certificates is familial privacy. Abortion, parenting, and contraception do fall under familial privacy. Once a natural parent consider adoption and follow through with it, they are severing their right to familial privacy. I don't think a natural parent should go the rest of their lives never knowing their children. That is just inhumane.

Current adoption laws are set up to protect the adoptive parents but even more so the adoption agencies. There is documented cases in many states and countries where black market babies were bought and sold to the highest bidder. There is of course the Orphan Trains of yesteryear. Just look at Georgia Tann. Just look at the Hightower babes, the Cole babes, the Lydia Shapiro babes and countless of others. Right after the delivery of my oldest daughter, my former OB/GYN, Dr. Galindo, was found guilty of selling black market babies. Talk about having adoption thrown in my face. I met a natural mother who was the former tax assessor and knowing what my former doctor was all within a month's time. I tell ya ~ God has been pushing me for a long long time to get me to become an activist. Sorry Lord it took me so long but I get it loud and clear now.

As I normally do, I watch the news for adoption stories. This one came upon my google alert. Another father fighting for his right to raise his own son. I first read the story when the adoptive parents were begging for financial help from the public. It aggravates me to no end that this still continues to this day. I can almost guarantee what happened. Its another LDS social services story. From what I understand, I am on their radar too at least here in Texas for Shawn McDonald's story. LDS social services probably told the mother to not allow the father to help her. They probably also shipped her to Utah where they could circumvent his rights. He could file on the Idaho putative father registry but he would have to find the mother in order to register on the Utah registry. This is becoming a real pattern for these agencies. Its not just LDS social services. It happened in Rashad Head's case as well. Patricia Stowbridge was ready to charge him with rape.

Cody O'Dea registered on the Wyoming putative father registry as did Joshua Simmerson, Shawn Mcdonald, and Brynden Ayre. Does society not care anymore? It just frustrates me. These agencies are violating rights of parents left and right and no one cares. No one stands up and fights back. Are we trying to go back to the baby scoop era?

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