Monday, January 21, 2008


The link is here. Since the Indianapolis Star only leaves their stories up for one week, I am posting it here.

A woman accused of bilking seven others out of nearly $15,000 by telling them she was caring for a pregnant woman who was willing to give up her child has pleaded guilty to seven counts of theft.Diana Groves of Bloomington pleaded guilty in exchange for prosecutors agreeing to dismiss a habitual offender charge and leave sentencing to the discretion of the judge.Greene Circuit Judge David Holt, a special judge who took the plea agreement under advisement, told Groves during Friday's hearing that she could face six months to three years in prison. Holt ordered Groves to appear again in Monroe Circuit Court on Feb. 1.Groves was charged in April following an FBI investigation that took place between July and September 2006.The FBI said Groves solicited money from women eager to adopt a child by telling them she was caring for a pregnant woman in need of prenatal care.According to court documents, Groves contacted women in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Michigan, asking each for money to pay for various expenses including rent, ultrasounds and other care.One woman sent more than $6,000, another about $3,000, court documents show.In January 2007, Groves received a three-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to a felony charge of neglect of a dependent. That case stemmed from a police investigation that resulted in 13 foster children being removed from Groves' care.Investigators said she confined children with duct tape and whipped them with a tennis racket and paddle, as well as putting a child in a clothes dryer and spinning it for several minutes.

Adoption reform needs to start taking place. If we are all being taken advantage, then we need to start making changes. Lets not sit on our proverbial thumbs.

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