Sunday, January 20, 2008


I was blessed this weekend. I got to meet Shawn McDonald and his family. One of the things that I find common in people entering the realm of adoption is that they all thought adoption was wonderful. I have heard from all the fathers. We didn't give up our rights to our children. One thing that the McDonald family said that really struck me. It doesn't matter if a father signed up for the putative father registry. They are looking to strip a father of his rights. They are right. It is hard to describe to the new fathers coming onto the scene this mentality.

I am on several email lists. Another father case came up on my radar. The courts did decide in his favor. His name is Shaun Allen Byron. This one case was won. His court case can be found here. This young man has a past but the courts found that he could overcome and has overcome it. If that is the case in this state, then it should be in the other cases around the country.

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