Monday, February 11, 2008


There are a couple of interesting tidbits out there if you use google search for key words like adoption, adoptee, and many other key adoption words.

This story came out. What I love about this article is this line. "Many of the adoptees from my orphanage share one desire: the honest truth, and an open discussion of their earliest days." It is very reflective of what every adoptee feels. An adoptee may not search for whatever reason but this desire is always in the back of their minds.

Togo is also suspending their child adoption program as well. Too many violations in their adoption process is what is quoting as being the issue.

Vietnam is also having issues with their child adoption program. This article states a majority of it. The State Department issued warnings about adoptions in Vietnam citing unregulated baby finders and payments. It sounds like prospective adoptive parents are being taken for their money. Prospective adoptive parents get upset when the U. S. government gets involved in the process. They think its fine for them to go through on their adoption even though according to the federal government there is cause to be concerned. Does it really matter to them that it could be an unethical adoption?

Another country that is also dealing with adoption corruption is Liberia. This article goes over their issues with it as well. This particular sentance caused great alarm for me since these agencies are out of Texas. "The disturbing news has it that two child adoption agencies Addy's Hope Adoption Agency based in Texas, USA, and Greater Love Children's Home in Liberia are at the center of controversy in this trafficking. According to the news, the two groups have succeeded in taking seven of ten children out of Liberia under the same scheme."

Of course Guatemala is still having issues with their adoption program. This article goes over those issues as well.

Interestingly enough, there is cases of child theft in the United States. You just have to read the stories that I have posted about Bryce Carkhuff, Bryn Ayre, Joshua Simmerson, Shawn McDonald, Cody O'Dea, Matt Tenneson, Stephanie Bennett, Craig Lentz, Ibbaanika Bond, and Allison Quets. What really concerns me are the adoption scammers out there.

Emily Singer is a woman who has scammed prospective adoptive parents in Pennslyvania. There is reports of a woman in Indiana and a woman in South Texas. Sometimes the agencies know about these women. They still continue taking money from prospective adoptive parents.

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