Friday, August 08, 2008


A really incredible article came out yesterday about Crisis Pregnancy Centers. The author named names and pointed fingers. The author kept it about reproductive rights. I would like to expand it a little further. Many adoption agencies including Gladney man these CPCs. Some of these CPCs can also be very aggressive in their tactics as well. I have had friends go to the local CPC in Vernon, Texas. I have gotten reports that horrifying in their own right. A dear friend of mine went to it to get a verification pregnancy test for medicaid. She is a married woman. She went there with her son and husband. They asked her three times in front of son and husband to relinquish her child. Some of these CPCs after reviewing this case are obviously getting federal funding. The states with the strongest right to life organizations are Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, and Illinois. The monies earned begins to add up.

So lets take her links a step further. We are looking at American Pregnancy Helpline and the American Pregnancy Association.

American Pregnancy Association owns the American Pregnancy Helpline. They are associated with many Right to Life organizations, CPCs, and adoption agencies. They disguise themselves as being pro-choice. They don't provide good and valid information on all three of the choices for women. Those choices are parenting, abortion, and adoption. They tend to focus on relinquishing parental rights.

American Pregnancy Helpline.

They are associated with many abstinence only links. Scott & White's Worth the Wait website is thus linked even further to other abstinence only websites, CPC links and American Pregnancy Association. Hi-Line Industrial Sales is one of their supporters. This organization also provides the tools needed by the technicians and Mechanics for the show, Monster Garage. The adoption agency associated with them is Bethany Christian Services. When you click onto the pregnancy link of their website, it sends you to the American Pregnancy Association where adoption is still emphasized. After reading through the parenting portion, they seem to try to dissuade you from parenting your own child. They link also to the website which included these links to CPCs. Most of these organizations are faith based organizations. There is a church associated with most of them.

Their links include the following:
  • ABBA pregnancy Center is out of Palmyra, New Jersey. They are also associated with Small World Adoption Services.
  • Altanta Care is out of Georgia. They offer abortion alternatives. Their parenting page has a list of questions that steer men and women away from parenting their own children.
  • In Indiana, A Hope Center out of Fort Wayne. It is funded by community donations.
  • In Minnesota, Rum River Life Choices Center of Milaca is connected to Care Net. Care Net is a national crisis pregnancy center chain. They are also associated with Bethany Christian Services and
  • In Mississippi, Crisis Pregnancy Center of Southwest Mississippi is associated with the A Child to Love, Holy Family Services and They are also linked to the Mississippi Right To Life organization as well. The A Child to Love adoption services doesn't seem to be an active site. There is no contact information. Holy Family Services is out of California. They also receive federal funding in the way of medicaid payments. They also seem to be a chain of adoption agencies as well. Bethany Christian Services, Crisis Pregnancy Ministries (Focus on the Family and Dr. James Dobson) and Care Net with their Optionline also advertise on their website as well.
  • In Spring Valley, New York, Care Net Pregnancy Center of Rockland is their crisis pregnancy center of choice. According to the Care Net IRS Form 990, they also gave them money to continue operations. Care Net is also connected to the Heartbeat International. It is a prolife organization which has many connections to adoption agencies around the world. They boast of having offices in 42 countries. So there is the international adoption connection here as well.
  • In Greensboro, North Carolina, Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is another organization that is connected to the Care Net and Heartbeat International organizations which are connected to maternity homes and adoption agencies around the world.
  • In Pennsylvania, New Horizons Pregnancy Resource Center is also connected to Heartbeat International.
  • In Austin, Texas, the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center is also connected to many of these organizations. They are also connected to Loving & Caring.
  • In Charleston, West Virginia, Woman's Choice is their CPC of choice. They are also connected to many of the same organizations. Bethany and are their adoption agencies. They are also associated with West Virginians for Life.
So we know that the adoption industry is roughly a 15 to 20 BILLION Dollar business. Many of the adoption agencies are connected to the Right to Life mission. The right to life organizations complain about the 336 million dollars that Planned Parenthood receives in contributions and fees. Lets look at these main organizations and their revenues and donations. I have also heard that Gladney is beginning to do the training behind many of the Texas CPCs.

I know that there is twenty six million dollars given to these types of organizations to develop abstinence programs across the country.

We have roughly 20 billion dollars that we are starting with. Lets look at some of the organizations associated with the CPCs. There are 709 organizations that have association with the Right to Life movement. There are many organizations that don't have to report because they don't have an income over $25,000.

American Pregnancy Helpline/American Pregnancy Association $298,085
Heartbeat International $1,682,361.
Focus on the Family $159,717,090
Care Net $5,076,137
Family Research Council $11,823,259
Loving & Caring $571,127
Ramah International $168,131
National Right to Life Committee including their educational committee $11,082,084
Columbus Right to Life $23,194
Nebraska Right to Life $27,214
Arizona Right to Life $179,089
Michigan Right to Life $1,363,922
Texas Right to Life $916,921
Cleveland Right to Life $209,333
Rhode Island Right to Life $114,107
Right to Life of Central California $352,107
Columbus Right to Life Society $34,300
Wisconsin Right to Life $29,105
Mountain Right to Life $130,787
Idaho Right to Life $21,306.
Oregon Right to Life $320,297
Arkansas Right to Life $86,286
Miami Right to Life $387
Maryland Right to Life $154,572
Right to Life Southern Indiana $25,930
Lake County Right to Life (Indiana) $42,501
Koscuiko County Right to Life (Indiana) $51,243
North Carolina Right to Life $71,066
Miami County Right to Life $28,188
Right to Life of Greater Akron $114,469
Right to Life Livingston, County Michigan $64,432
Right to Life Indianapolis $678.
Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati $177,746
Right to Life of Wyoming $56,255
Right to Life of Louisville, KY $89,880
Right to Life Committee of New Mexico $33,750
Iowa Right to Life Committee $173,060
Colorado Right to Life Committee $130,140
Hawaii Right to Life $37,253
Kalamazoo (Michigan) Right to Life $49,931
Alaska Right to Life Committee $90,526
National Right to Life Conventions $162,735
Florida Right to Life $92,550
Missouri Right to Life $39,331
Muskegon (Michigan) Right to Life $27,298
Vermont Right to Life Committee $113,444
Flint Area Right to Life Comittee $54,045
Saginaw County Right to Life $38,075
Metro Right to Life Of Omaha Regional Assembly $47,634
Allen County (Indiana) Right to Life $46,182
Human Life Alliance $364,864
Massachusetts Citizens for Life $516,313
Christian Legal Society $2,819,859
Human Life International $3,858,611
Crossroads from Coast to Capital $359,965
Priests for Life $10,099,850
Delaware Pro-Life Coalition $30,991
Rosetta Foundation $231,693
Life Educational Corp $112,094
Life Choices Presents $582,353
Choose Life Advisory Committee $286,368
Bioethics Defense Fund $374,321

This totals up to $205,587,817 give a take a dollar or two of reported income from these right to life organizations. Plus you add into the adoption industry. They are all connected. Its big bucks. When you compare it to Planned Parenthood and NARAL it doesn't even come close to their money. All of these organizations rant and rave about the teen pregnancy rate but only the right to life, CPCs and the adoption industry itself fights against increasing sexual education and contraception. In fact, there are indications that the right to life movement is trying to diminish contraception availability to the poorest women. We haven't included Churches and their funds into this little business venture. It adds up real quick. They are about denying rights not just to adoptees but all living adoption. They want to control those funds and keep them incoming.


Anonymous said...

I think one main difference between CPCs, and Planned Parenthood is that (at least in my state-Oregon, and in most others)is that CPCs are privately funded. That money is coming from private donors who support the organization's mission. Planned Parenthood receives a much of their money from the government. I'm not sure why PP should be publicly funded, but CPCs privately. Shouldn't they both be private?

Amyadoptee said...

Actually, the right to life organizations do get federal funds. How else would they be able to come up with the abstinence programs? I know that they received 26 million dollars plus. Both state and federal tax funds go to support both organizations.