Friday, August 08, 2008


Most folks that read here know that I research the crap out of adoption, adoptee rights, unwed mothers, birthmothers, international adoption, and other topics. When I google adoption in the news, I come up with three types of adoption. They are not always about infant adoption. There is technology adoption. There is animal adoption. Then there are adoption of laws and regulations. An individual has to sift through all the other forms and definitions of adoption to get to child adoption of any kind.

Its just aggravating to have to sift through all of that to get to interesting topics to write about or discuss. The other thing that is often interesting is that adoption and abortion are often synomous with each other. The two are different decisions ending in the same result. A permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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TentCamper said...

Hi there, I found you on Blog Catalog when I searched "adoptee".
Just wanted to sa hi and that I am an adoptee who just found my birthmother. I have posted a lot about it on my blog.