Thursday, November 06, 2008


My dearest friend, Addie Pray, brought this up on Adoption Threads. It is an issue that we living adoption need to address. Our president-elect had to face this issue with his birth certificate. There were hints of adoption in his life.

Adoptees across this country are having their amended birth certificates questioned. They are being denied access to their original birth certificate. The government is making changes where it makes it very hard for adoptees to get vital identification.

So lets say that an adoptee runs for president. Lets use Addie as an example. She runs for president. People like many online including my mother in law are saying that she isn't an American because her birth certificate is suspect. Well she can't prove her birth because she can't have access to their original birth certificate. She hands over her amended birth certificate but it doesn't have all the information on it. Say like mine doesn't.

Are you starting to see the issue here? We are being criminalized just on the status of our birth. Times are achanging. Many legislators in various states are considering legislation. Its time to allow those living adoption including the natural parents and adoptive parents access to that original document.

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