Friday, December 23, 2005


As I continue in my search, I find a great deal of denial, lies, and discrimination going on in this world. I am continually shocked at what I see and read. One very controversial topic is gay adoption. I am a firm believer in equal rights. I do not believe that God put me on this earth to sit in judgement of people and their lifestyles. It is just not my job. As I have said before, I have way too much on my plate. God has given me a full life for which I am very thankful.

I went to the GLAAD website to begin my research. I was horrified at what I read. There is a city mayor who is being sued for giving gay employees and their partners benefits. I have heard on the news that many states including my own that are trying to ban gay couples the right to adopt and foster children. There are so many children in this world that need good homes. Does it really matter that a couple is a gay couple? As long as they provide love and support for those children, in my mind what is the point of denying children that need? Is the argument more important than a child's right to a good home? Should children be forced to flounder in a orphanage because of the so called sin? Doesn't Christ say judge not less you be judged?

The religious right is attacking every one that does not believe as they do. Now don't get me wrong. I have a deep faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. I believe that He exists and that HE will save us in the end. I just believe that He is more compassionate, caring, and loving that those other idiots believe.

I have an assistant manager where I work who has a partner who has to deal with this issue. I know my manager and she is a good person. She seems kind and compassionate. I also work with her daughter. For an eighteen year old, she is very mature and hardworking. She turned out great. Her mother has every right to feel proud of her. I knew a friend in the military who was also kind and compassionate. They are both gay. My manager is a great mother. I have laughed at her disciplining her kids via the telephone. She is no different that you and I. My military friend helped me through a very rough time in my life. It was a refreshing experience for me. It was nice not to have a friend who as soon as I broke up with my boyfriend went after him for herself. I just can't turn my back on those friends. I don't believe that they are going to Hell. How can God create someone who is so kind, loving, and compassionate just to send them to hell? I read a story where a husband took his children away from his gay ex-wife.

Its funny my husband made a comment that he is tired of the gay communities business being all out there. It should be a private matter. I told him that it was the religious right blasting the gay community with lawsuits and so forth. Why is it that our bedroom lives are being invaded daily? We in the adoption triad have had enough of it that is for sure. We were born out of the secrets in the bedroom. The religious right would like to see us continually treated like that dirty little secret. Gays in this world are not sick little perverts. They just have different preferences that other people do. They don't warp children. Why don't we go viciously after those that do? Recently there was a case where a man adopted a child from another country so that he could sexually molest her. I know that everyone in the triad saw that. Why is it that monster can adopt a child but a gay person can't? Where is the logic in that? Thank God my state threw the law out that would ban gays from fostering or adopting a child!!!

When are we as a society going to grow up? When are we going to stand up fight for children and women? When are we going to realize what is important? Its time to stand up and fight the injustices in this country. Write your congressmen and women. Write your senators. Vote to change laws in this country. Make us all free from oppression.


Anonymous said...

"I have a deep faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. I believe that He exists and that HE will save us in the end. I just believe that He is more compassionate, caring, and loving that those other idiots believe."

You know... if I'd heard more people express their views of Christianity as you did just here... I would never have turned my back on the church. Which I have. Completely.

Anonymous said...
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