Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Sorry everyone I have been busy working and getting ready to start a new job here in the lone star state. I will continue writing on my blog soon. I just want to wish everyone the very best Christmas and holiday season. It doesn't matter to me what you celebrate as long as you celebrate living your life. Hopefully this will be the year of freedom for all of us. Freedom from secrets. Freedom from lies. Freedom to live and explore our lives to their very fullest. Adoption should not be our sole identifying feature in our lives. It is a part of us but it does not define us. Thank the Lord for his many blessings. Be kind and compassionate to your fellow man not just now but for all time. Take time to listen to everyone's story because everyone has one that needs to be heard. Pass out a smile or two. Everyone needs one.

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KingCranky II said...

Now that the GOP got royally screwed when Sen Stevens tried that cute stunt that would have opened ANWR for drilling, it really will be a "Merry Christmas"

Now, if we could just bury the BS that Christianity is under assault in this country-even though more people than ever are going to church, and even though quite a few "Prosperity Gospel" Megachurches will be closed on Christmas day-which kind of defeats the purpose of celebrating Christ's birth-we'd be set