Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Today, I got an email back from Planned Parenthood basically denying me any rights what so ever about open records. They feel that a woman's rights to privacy supercede my right to know my medical information, my history, and my birthfamily. It set me on fire. I was also lucky enough to read a few other emails today that put things into perspective for me about open records. It was difficult for me to wrap my brain around what exactly I wanted to say. Both sides of this issue just don't seem to get it. They both won't give women the autonomy that they have earned.

Pat Robertson was claiming at Sunquist that open records was a pro-abortion stealth operation to drum up abortion business. Neither side supports a woman's autonomy but the liberals put nice words on their version. In this day and age, there is little correlation between adoption and abortion. In fact there are studies out there now that state that the economy has more of an effect than anything else. When the economy is good, abortion and adoption is down. When the economy is down, abortion and adoption is up.

I am going to quote a friend from Concerned United Birthmothers group. She is absolutely fantastic. Even my confidential intermediary supports open records. She hates having to tell either party bad news. Maire Ainne said it perfectly:

Prolifers worship the fteus, deify it in some sense, and then do not much care what happens to kids once they are born. They cannot see the difference bwtween the adult adopted person and the fetus. On the other side, pro-abortion groups demonize the fetus and all the rhetoric about it being just a parasite, etc. Both sides assume an adversarial situation between the fetus ad mother and extend this to the situation of adult adoptees and open records. Those who are pro-abortion and anti-open reocres are just defending the mother's rights against the fetus' rights.... forever, not just until it is born. The anti-aboriton crowd think they are "saving babies" at any cost by opposing open records, because of their misreading the desires of mothers who carry a child to term and those who choose to abort. Both think that mothers should have absolute say about what the "child" gets to know about his birth forever or else there would be a chink in the armor of their respective agendas. Neither the Holy Fetus nor the Demon Fetus is helping the adoptee rights cause.

Another thing that I deal with every day is when I look outside my home. I see the horses, cattle, and my pets. Many members of my pet club have papers. Those animals have their parents' names listed on their records. The cattle have their history traced every year. The horses' lineage can be traced all the way back to Poco Bueno, who was a champion stud quarter horse on the ranch that I live on. He is even buried at the head quarters of this ranch with a huge monument standing over his grave.

I believe that a woman has the right to choose over what she does with her body. A pharmacist, Congress, Doctors, and many others to include Pat Robertson and President Bush have no right to force a woman to make a decision over her body. I believe that a woman has the right to choose whether or not she should have an abortion. Once that pregnancy comes to fruit though it is a whole other ball game. I also believe in a child needing protection. A child doesn't have the capacity to understand what open records mean. There by protecting it. Once that child is an adult, an adopted adult should not be force to honor a contract made about them by others. If an animal has the right to know their heritage then so does a human. Many in our country feel differently such as ACLU, Pat Robertson, the Christian Coalition, the National Council for Adoption, President Bush, Planned Parenthood, and many others. I guess children in this country will continue to be "ITS" just like the women in this country.

Another thing that ticked me off with Planned Parenthood. They stated that 50% of American Women have had abortions in this country. Now yes I have used Planned Parenthood for contraception but not to get an abortion. If that were the case, then two of my sisters supposedly got abortions. Now I know that isn't true. I look around me and wonder. That also means that one in every two women have had an abortion and again I know that this isn't true. I would really like to know where they got their information from.


Unknown said...

I see adoption and abortion as very seperate issues.

And about the sealed records, I think it has nothing to do with protecting the privacy of the mother. It's about protecting the "property" of the adoptive parents.

HeatherRainbow said...

Through talking to lots of people, I get the impression that...

Society influences People of Color to get an abortion (correlating with the history of the US in killing pocs)

and that

Society influences white people to give up their children to adoption (which continues the history of the white person, who has come to this country, and given up most if not all of his heritage, roots, history and ethnicity).