Sunday, March 12, 2006


Today I was off work. I got to read a great deal on the internet. A friend found an article that appalled me. I also got a few more emails on the Catholic Charities. Its funny in that its not the board members that are ending their adoption program but the Catholic Bishops themselves. The Governor of Massachusetts stated its a shame that we put the rights of the adults over the rights of the child. Well the Catholic Bishops are the ones that won't control their priests' pedophilia but they want to control gays as parents. For the most part, gays aren't interested in raping and children like their priests. Most gay people are normal human beings. Most are just as angry as heterosexuals are at the child molesters and the pedophiles. Most are not perverted like those Catholic Priests. They just have a different preference. Otherwise they are just like you and me. I support their rights as I do my own.

This article really ticked me off. The address is this: It was enough to send me flying off the roof again. There are people out there that are now taking photos of women entering the clinic in South Dakota. They are also taking pictures of their license plates. They are taking these and putting them on the internet for the world to see and know. Trust me these fools will do it to women's medical records once a doctor is being prosecuted. Private information about all of his/her patients will be out there to be judge harshly. Its about punishing women and children. I went to a few other blogs today and read a man's thoughts on Tennessee's new law about women having to go to the man that impregnated her and getting his consent basically for her to have an abortion. He says that it levels the playing field against women. Oh give me a break. Considering most men are not concerned with doing anything with a woman and a baby. Most men are concerned with not having to pay child support. In fact there is a case in New York where a man is suing over paying child support because he didn't want a child. I am not saying every man is like that. Lord knows, my own birthfather fought a losing battle with my birthmother. My adoptive father stood up and helped my mother out and took on three kids. My husband is all about his daughters. Many male friends have also stepped up to the plate with their own children. I also believe in fighting for their rights. I am discovering that they are the minor rather than the majority.

I do believe a man has no sovereignty over a woman's body. I do believe all are responsible once a child is born. That includes grandparents on both sides. They have a moral obligation to be supportive of the choice their children make. I do believe that adoption records should be closed until the child is an adult. Then everyone is responsible for telling the truth no matter how good or how bad.

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