Sunday, March 12, 2006


I get lots of emails from many people involved in the triad. I got one this morning that just stunned me. Someone was looking for their birthfamily. From my own understanding, Florida is one of those states where there was a great deal of lying in records. People who knew better than us lied on legal documents to cover their tracks. This one particular person had his/her documents so mixed up that it looks like she can't even begin to find out any information let alone non identifying information. That is just appalling.

It is also a shame that one of the organizations that has tried to keep things honest is shutting its doors in Boston. Here we have organizations that are trying to keep the lies secret. Groups like Planned Parenthood, Pat Robertson, President Bush, the National Council for Adoption, ACLU, and others are trying to keep the secrets as they are. Open Records don't cause more abortions. Open records force the secrets out in the open where the wounds that they caused are allowed to heal. We aren't the demon child and we aren't the Godly child. We are all human children who deserve answers. We aren't property of our adoptive parents or of the state. I am an adult adoptee who has accomplished many things. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, veteran, letter carrier, and mental health worker. I am many things to many people in my life. I want to be found again by my birthfamily. I want to acknowledged by my birthfamily. I don't want to be someone's dirty little secret for the rest of my life. I deserve the freedom to know who I am even if it is not a pleasant one. Every non adoptive child knows their history. Why can't we know our own backgrounds?