Friday, April 07, 2006


As reported on by the daily BASTARDETTE.BLOGSPOT.COM, I was reading how the state officials are manipulating a bill that was going on the books as a good law opening adoption records is now become a defunct bill sitting on the desks of various Massachusetts state representatives and senators. These people have gutted the bill. The way it now reads is that an adopted person can't ever find out their heritage let alone their medical background. The records before 2007 will be forever closed even those who were born before 1953 will not be allowed to view/copy their adoption records and original birth certificates. Its seems that the Daily Bastardette is correct that us adoptees are a very serious threat to society. That we should be lucky we are adopted because we could have been dumpster babies. That we should be grateful that we were adopted at all.

How am I and many others threats? How are we just so evil because we want to know our history? I don't understand that one at all. Gaining my personal information about me and no one else but me is not a threat to society or our country. Yet that is how we are treated. I am and will forever be grateful to my adoptive parents. BUT even they feel I am entitled to my personal information and they are HUGE republicans. The state has no right to dictate my personal information. The state has no right to tell me that I can't have that information. Everyone else in this country knows their background. Yet I am deemed unfit to have that knowledge. Why I couldn't even begin to take a gander at. Every single adoptee that I have known is a responsible, thoughtful, resourceful, and very intelligent. None of us is an emotional criminal wanting to hurt our parents both birth and adoptive. We aren't a bunch of radical terrorists seeking to destroy our national freedoms. All we are is a group of people that wants our rights that are afforded to the rest of America. WE are the only group of people who don't know our origins. People in Massachusett think that we are out to deprive women of their rights. Opening adoption records is not about depriving anyone their rights. It is not about reproductive rights or the right to privacy. It is about knowing our own history. Our first chapters are in hiding, held bound by others. As I have reported in the past, a birthparent's reproductive rights ended when the adoption was finalized. There isn't an adoption record that is held in the birthparents custody. There is no signed form promising privacy and confidentiality. It also ended when we adoptees became legal adults. How is it in this country that I have the right to vote, right to work (actually forced to), right to get totally drunk if I so choose, right to fight for my country, and right to live and raise my children. Yet I cannot get my original birth certificate. Pregnant women are now choosing open adoption instead of the closed ones of the past. Many of those women and this includes the ones of the past would rather have an abortion than ever have to deal with closed adoptions and shame, pain and hurt associated with closed adoptions.

How is it also that one adoptee or one birthmother that these crazy folks like National Council for Adoption, ACLU, ACLJ, Pat Robertson, the bishops of the Catholic Church, and even Planned Parenthood always manage to dredge up outweighs the millions of others that want their records opened up? How do we even know that these folks are even real? Just because the records are open doesn't mean we are all going to rush the vital statistics office to get them. There are some of us that don't want to search but at the same time we are all deserving of the honesty owed to us by the state governments of this country. Just because the records are open doesn't mean that these records are opened to just anyone. Open adoption records give adoptees and birthfamilies information about themselves and that is it. What I find totally ironic is that the IRS can sell our financial information but we can't get our original birth certificate. Many companies sell our financial information to other companies but again we can't get our personal information from adoption agencies and vital statistics in this country.

Here is my saying for the week: GIVE ME A BREAK. You can count on my writing everyone to voice my opinion and changing the present and past mindset about opening adoption records.

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