Saturday, April 01, 2006


As I look outside, we have spring storms brewing here in Texas. I hate storms because they usually bring tornados. Fortunately I live on a hill and I have a storm shelter. There is an old Indian saying about hills and tornados. Tornados just don't like hills. Hopefully that will never be proven otherwise in my lifetime.

I am still searching. I do take breaks. I have many friends that say this is a learning experience. That I am growing into a formidable woman. That if I can face this I can face anything. They may be right but I don't feel that way right now. A fellow blogger lists the A,B,C's of reunion on her blog and everyone of them fits me to a T. Check it out at . She writes some good stuff and I really enjoy reading her stuff. She and many other fellow bloggers help me stay in focus while I am searching. Believe me it is not an easy task for me. I have been obsessed , angry, hurt, and many other things in this search. I will finish it though. Once I do that is it. I will let it go. I had a comment left on a former posting. That person asked what do I do if I find a deceased person at the end of the road. I move on. Not much else I can do. I have the answers. It will be sad and painful. If I don't get the answers now, I know that God will answer all of them for me. Then I will truly be free. Then I will know the whole book of my life. Until then I hope that the powers that be will open doors for me.

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