Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Loss of a Dear Man

I got some bad news today. I was working in the tower today. Just before shift change, one of the guys called to the tower and asked if my relief knew the person. Evidently a good, kind, understanding man died today. He is the brother of a woman on this ranch. I knew his sister fairly well. She used to be my neighbor before we moved to the camp we live on now. Our children went to school together. I worked with him on one of the units at North Texas State Hospital. He helped train me as a mental health worker. He was someone that I felt safe with. He was also trying to improve the shift that I worked on. It was recently that I found out that she is an adoptee. She was the first person outside of my click that I told that I was adopted and attempted a search. I had it fail on me. I also told her that. She also told me that her birthmother had contacted her. She never wanted to search. Her family was one of those that loved and cherished the blessing of her. Although she is on the opposite side of the fence from me, she still respects what I am trying to do. In some ways I feel like we are sisters in arms. Her maiden name was similiar to mine. I remember her brother saying we are probably relatives from way back. It is a sad day for the hospital and for the community at large. He was a kind gentle man. He will be missed. Dear Lord, Here comes another angel. Take care of him and love him as we loved him down here.

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Attila the Mom said...

So sorry that you lost your friend. :-(