Friday, January 25, 2008


There are several stories that have come out about the fight in New Jersey. There are several with DMC's testimony. Here. Here. Here. Here This one is particular is just plain offensive. How can anyone associate adoptee rights to abortion? Oh yea that's right the right to lifers think that us adoptees should shut and be grateful that we weren't aborted. Sorry we aren't your poster children for abortion issues.

Some other interesting stories that came up as well that you should check out.

This one is written by Joyce Bahr of the New York's Unsealed Initiative.

This one is about State Senator Finch out of Connecticut.

This one is about Massachusetts screw up. Yes it is a screwup. Here you had the power to make it for all adoptees but NO you had to sell out.

Another sellout is this one. Sorry Roberta you sold adoptees out on this one. If you had pulled the bill, you could have come back this year and probably won it with Adam Pertman's help. I hope it does get better and easier. I know that I have been hitting nothing but walls in Indiana. No I don't want them doing any study. Indiana has had this law for a few years now. Adam Pertman has done it already. I want my records now. Not when they deem it best for me to have them.

This one is Missouri's battle. Please oh please do not settle for second best. Fight for the right for all Missouri adoptees to have access to their original birth certificates. It is their civil right to have the document that accurately records their birth.

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